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Rules & Agreements

General Provisions

The registration of the user on the website confirms that he agrees with the current terms of service, familiarized himself with these rules and undertakes to follow them in full. In case of rejection of the rules, disagreement with the general doctrine of the rules or any other differences of opinion, the user is obliged to stop the account registration and leave this website.

The current rules can be changed at the initiative of the project managers. In this case, the changes take effect immediately after they are published on the website.

The bruxis-tradex.com company is the owner of all the intellectual property and rights of this website, including its entire published content. Any copying of materials and content is forbidden, except for cases of special permit issuance from the legal owner of the information.

Access to certain areas of the website will be restricted to unregistered users only.

Claims on the content of these rules, the terms of the investment offer, partnership cooperation and some other aspects of the project's work are not accepted.

Rights and obligations of the participant

By registering the user (participant) confirms that he is of legal age. By registering the user also agrees and confirms that he uses the website in its sole discretion, voluntarily and on his own initiative.

In the process of registration, the user undertakes to indicate only reliable information about him, use electronic wallets in payment systems and funds that belong to him personally.

The responsibility for the consequences of login data disclosure is the responsibility of the user. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to keep the login and password of your personal account in secret..

The user undertakes not to establish unauthorized access to features of the website and to any services offered on the website..

The participant has the right to create and use only one account. If the multiple registrations in the project are detected, all accounts of such participant will be blocked..

All registered participants of this project have the right to use its investment and partnership offer, as well as take part in additional opportunities for earning money with the company if such opportunities will be provided during the project work..

The participant agrees to settle any disputes exclusively through negotiation, using the communication channels and feedback forms provided on the website..

All participants have the right to contact support to get any clarifications and answers to the questions regarding investment process..

Rights and obligations of the company

The company is obliged to provide its customers with uninterrupted access to the investment resource 24 hours a day, except for the periods when it will carry out technical works.

The company assumes the obligation to accept deposits in trust management under the conditions set forth in our investment offer.

The company undertakes to reliably protect the personal data of project participants, using reliable encryption and modern methods of protecting information. Project participants can be fully confident that no personal data will be disclosed to third parties.

The company reserves the right to block the accounts of the participants without the possibility of subsequent recovery if there are confirmed attempts of afflicting damage to bruxis-tradex.com, for non-observance of these rules and the creation of multiple registrations on the website.

The company reserves the right to make changes in the partnership program, investment conditions, list of available payment systems and project rules.

The company is not responsible for not providing the client with information about changes in the project due to the fact that the participant specified an incorrect e-mail address when registering.

The company is not responsible for the delay in any payments due to the fault of the payment system through which the client made the transaction. In addition, we inform that the company has nothing to do with the commission charged by the payment system. We do not charge any fees for internal operations performed by our clients.

The company does not pay referral commissions for deposits made by a referral from the account balance.

The company reserves the right to cancel the representative status due to the inadequacy of the person who had requested the status or any other administrative reason.

The company policy forbids direct mass mailing containing a referral link (so-called spam).